: при ближайшем рассмотрении сканов OIW на 3, 8 и развороте 19-20 страниц были обнаружены интересные тексты... вернее, обнаружены они были давно, но как-то вчитаться в голову не приходило. а вот товарищ Warezn1y зинтересовался, вчитался, набил эти тексты и отослал сюда, за что ему большое спасибо! (наигодзаимасное аригато, как говорится ^__^). вот эти тексты

: страница 3

Psyche 17:21

A processor called "Psyche" has been talked about for quite a while now. At first, the name spread within News Groups, then to the Web, and among enthusiasts like clerks who work for shops in Akihabara or Nihonbashi. There were people who doubted its ability to upgrade the capacity of a machine just by conecting it to the mother board. The editorial selection succeeded in obtaining a processor which is believed to be "Psyche" through a certain route, and here is a detailed report of it. However, we cannot tell you how we obtained it, and questions about the processor cannot be answered.

As you can see from its apperance, it has a multiple layer structure. it seems that the accumulation ability per die area is not exceptionally high since it is a small rot prototype. We got the body but have no documents about the device. Therefore, it was installed by trial and error.

As its was rumored, you place the processor on 429pin North Bridge, the chip set of the motherboard. It was no so difficult to set the device since it was like setting an Over Drive accelerator to the old 386 model. However, we had a hard time making it start. The processor brings 133mhz base clock to 40mhz and interrupts the memory controller with the transmitting rate of 1.6GB/sec. To our surprise, Psyche seems to control the whole mother board and even I/O with its own command by intercepting BIOS. Therefore, the jumper settings will be made invalid. Indeed, it is possible to upgrade the crock by this method, and also the signals and I/O for special purposes can be upgraded drastically. However, it is the result that is important. In the ordinary bench mark test, it was excellent in all aspects like CPU, FPU, and may tracing but this was no so surprising. It seems that Psyche shows its real ability when connected to a network. During the various tests it proved unbelievably efficient in bradcasting on the network. Psyche employs 128bit memory which is equivalent to L2 cash and seems that the command packet of a network is translated by an interpreter method and responds back with a protocol method. Due to this, the amount of data in the packet and the time needed for transmission was improved significantly. Adding to this, the protocol which is called next generation TCP/IP, and was "not visible" has become visible by this. When we accessed to a network with a machine with Psyche, things that we did not intend to download were downloaded automatically and the registry was rewritten. At the same time, an aplication like an e-mailer was installed and a strange message was shown in the floating window. This message was an oracle and it commanded me. The prophecy must be carried out. "Eastern Mathematical Knights" will save my soul and the software that put me back to where I should be shall stop the secretion of serotonin in my brain and take me to the world where there is no agony and grief

: страница 8 (перевод - #1313)

-- You’re in seventh grade? Eighth grade?
-- Ты в седьмом классе? В восьмом?
[В восьмом.]
-- Do you like school?
[(long pause) ...Uh-huh.]
-- Тебе нравится школа?
[(длинная пауза) ...Угу.]
-- What subject do you like?
-- Какой предмет тебе нравится?
-- Are you in any clubs?
[(shakes head silently)]
-- Ты состоишь в каких-нибудь клубах?
[(молча качает головой)]
-- Do you go straight home after school?
-- После школы ты сразу идешь домой?
-- Do you have friends?
-- У тебя есть друзья?
-- What do you and your friends do for fun?
-- Как вы с друзьями развлекаетесь?
-- Well, what do you do?
[...(thinks for a while)...Talk.]
-- Ну, а что вы делаете?
[...(задумывается ненадолго) ...Разговариваем.]
-- What about?
-- О чем?
[...О всяком.]
-- Where do you go to talk?
-- Где вы общаетесь?
[В Сети.]
-- You don’t like talking with each other in person?
-- Вам не нравится общаться друг с другом лично?
-- What kind of place is Wired, to you?
[...A place where people connect with other people--the top level of the real world hierarchy.]
-- А что для тебя Сеть?
[...Место, где люди соединяются с другими людьми -- высшая ступень иерархии реального мира.]
--(weak laugh) Who told you that?
[My dad.]
--(смешок) Кто сказал тебе такое?
[Мой папа.]
-- Do you love your father?
[(long pause... nods)]
-- Ты любишь своего отца?
[(длинная пауза... кивает)]
-- What kind of navigator do you use to access Wired?
[When I was in sixth dad...bought it for me...]
-- Какой навигатор ты используешь, чтобы войти в Сеть?
[Когда я была в шестом классе... мой папа.. купил его для меня...]
-- Do you like operating this kind of machine?
-- Тебе нравится работать на такой машине?
-- Do you dislike questions like this?
-- Тебя не нравятся такие вопросы?
-- You dislike talking about yourself?
-- Тебе не нравится говорить о себе?
-- Why?
[...(long pause)...Because...]
-- Почему?
[...(длинная пауза)... Потому что...]
-- Because?
[Because I’m... I’m me, but not me. I mean, I’m not just me...]
-- Потому что?
[Потому что я... Я - это я, но не я. В смысле, я - это не только я...]
-- Who told you that?
-- Кто сказал тебе это?
-- Who?
-- Кто?
-- What God?
[The God of Wired.]
-- Какой Бог?
[Бог из Сети.]
-- There’s a God of Wired? You believe that?
-- В Сети есть Бог? Ты в это веришь?
-- Answer me.
-- Отвечай мне.
-- Answer.
[...There is if I believe there is..]
-- Отвечай.
[...Есть, если я верю, что он есть...]
-- That answer isn’t good enough.
[...There is...a God...]
-- Этот ответ недостаточно хорош.
[...Есть.. Бог...]
-- All right, fine. The God of Wired is the god of the top level of the real world hierarchy--in other words, a being that controls the entire world. Is that right?
[...Who are you?]
-- Ну хорошо, отлично. Бог из Сети - это бог высшего уровня иерархии реального мира -- другими словами, существо, контролирующее весь мир. Это верно?
[...Кто ты?]

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